Monday, May 4, 2009


I was hanging out with Summer one night and she has two roommates. They are both younger than Summer. We were sitting around chatting and her roommate Dixie says that she was born in 1989. I just about died!!! I said, "1989! That's when I graduated high school! If I had gotten knocked up in high school, I could be your mother!"

So...we posed for this mother/daughter picture. Isn't she so cute?

She told me she was up for adoption because she has no mother or father. Summer then responds with, "I hate all the orphans in the whole world." She is so she likes to quote Nacho Libre.

(Dixie's mother died of cancer when she was really young and her father passed away a few weeks ago. I probably would claim her as mine...if she didn't have any siblings. Fortunately for her, she has a bunch!)

I'm getting old...and I don't like it!!

Come on Summer..."Say it to my face!"

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Kelli said...

Theres no way you could have been her mother. You look as young as her!