Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hug me a Goblin...or kiss me an Indian!

Summer, Paige, Ben, Marcus and I went to Escalante last Friday to hike some 10 mile hike on Saturday and come home the same day! We stayed in a KOA cabin in Panguitch. It actually wasn't too bad. We ate breakfast in Panguitch where Ben, Paige and I shopped at a thrift store. Paige found some sister wife dresses for us and we took our picture with an Indian guy sitting outside of the store. Don't get excited...he wasn't real and when we took the picture, Paige was kissing the Indian and I wasn't. So the rest of the trip, my goal was to find another Indian and kiss him. (I have lofty goals) It didn't happen! It rained on Saturday so many of the hikes were washed out. We decided to bag the hike and just drove and drove and drove. We finally decided to head to Goblin valley and check it out since only one of us had ever been there. It was raining and seriously muddy, but oh so fun. The girls all had flip flops on and the guys had their hiking shoes. It didn't matter though...everyone slipped and everyone got muddy. We started down and Marcus offered me a piggy back all the way to where it was flat and a tiny bit safer. So nice...but quite possibly a bit more risky then doing it each on our own. We fell once, but we caught ourselves and only dirtied our feet and hands. Phew! Summer thought we were going to fall so she was just waiting to snap a picture. We ALL managed to make it out of there without falling too badly or getting very muddy. And I have to say, it was pretty awesome! Our goal was to hug a Goblin while there and we all pretty much got that chance. Summer was all over her Goblin! She can be so flirty with dirt! I don't have a picture of Paige and her Goblin but once I get her pictures I'll post 'em. I know there are a lot of pictures, but I like pictures and it's my blog. So, there ya go.

A small part of me wishes that there was a way we could have washed ourselves off so we could have had ourselves a killer mud fight. I knew we couldn't get all messy because Ben would never let us back in his truck. But, I have NEVER had a mud fight before and it would have been so fun. I don't think I even did that as a kid! I'm so boring. But not to worry, next time...I'm planning for a full on mud fight! I'm buying a camping shower.

Ben kept telling us that this was the best trip EVER! We just won't mention the semi-yucky breakfast at the dirty diner that lacked hot water, the uncomfortable and noisy beds at the KOA, someone that snored, or the fact that we were in the car more than we were out of the car. We'll just remember how funny everyone is and that there was tons of junk food, laughter and potty stops along the way! Hey...not bad for a last minute road trip?

These two shots were taken from inside the car through the window.
Not too shabby.

You can see the mud in this picture. It was so dirty.

Muddy feet

Yay! We're finally out of the car!

Wow! Something must be funny

Make it sit so I can get down...

Ben's goblin has curves in all the right places!

Goodbye...I'll miss you sweet goblin

Should we get these two a room?!?

This was all they had to clean our feet and hands


Me likey the twix

Three little piggies
(and yes, we threw the yogurt raisins out the window afterwards)

Feeling the love...ahhh


Hillary said...

It looks like a lot of fun. I have to ask though, Flip flops for hiking? I can barley walk in them on flat ground.

I think I might have eaten at that same diner ten years ago. I can't imagine that there is more than one diner in that little town. Did they have a picture of Sean Connery eating there? They showed it to all of the tourists back then.

Larissa said...

We had shoes for hiking but this wasn't a terrible hike other than it was so muddy. Since none of the other girls changed shoes, I didn't either. I'm a follower! It wasn't too bad and it was easier to clean flip flops than hiking shoes.

I don't remember the Sean Connery picture. Can't remember the name of the diner either.