Friday, December 5, 2008's Flashback Friday...again!

I have been working hard to get our Christmas cards figured out and sent early this year. I've done Christmas cards every year for the last 16 or so years. I don't try to out do myself each year but, I always do things the hard way. I know what I want and I want it to be perfect. I suffer from "analysis paralysis" and always get them out way too late. But, this year, they are basically finished except for the fact that I lost all those years of addresses when my computer crashed for good. (I could pay someone to get them off, but I don't want to spend the money at this point in time!) So, I am re-creating addresses and making a shout out to everyone to email me your addresses and those of people I know.

Now, on to Flashback Friday.

The story takes place in 1997. February to be exact. It was time for the annual semi-formal dance at the medical school. My friend Kirstie and I went out shopping looking for cheap dresses to wear to this fabulous function! Well, we searched and searched and couldn't find anything. If I recall correctly, she had decided to wear something she already had. I kept telling her over and over again that I wanted to find a $10.00 dress to wear. She, being the kind friend that she was, simply let me say it. She didn't try to sway me or talk me out of it or call me stupid or anything. But, deep inside, she thought there was no way! I think she thought I was a fool but she was too nice to tell me. Anyway, I went out by myself the next day to TJ Maxx and low and behold I found a nice black semi-formal dress in my size for $10.00 on clearance! I took that sweet thing in the dressing room and tried it on. Yep, it fit and I was so buying it!!! I came home and called Kirstie (remember those days? We didn't have cell phones and we couldn't just call and tell each other immediately while still at the store!) I was so excited!!! I have a picture of me in the dress but it is a print and a negative and my scanner and computer don't work so you'll have to imagine. I thought it was pretty awesome so just imagine awesomeness! you remember that?

Talk about The Secret! I haven't read it, but I've heard about it. That's my ONLY experience with that working. Too bad it only works with a $10.00 dress and not a house or something.

The internet now doesn't work on my home computer so this is actually posted late. Oops!

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