Friday, December 12, 2008

Flashback Friday

This memory takes me back to the high school days. Must have been around 1987-1988 - ish. We actually did this a few times and it was sooooooo funny! I really hope that no one comments on this post that "you musta had to be there"cuz it was dang funny. My friends Jennifer, Christie, Krista and I would all go out on a weekend night. This would have been either our Sophomore or Junior years, as Krista was the year ahead of us so it couldn't have been our Senior year. Anyhoo, we would head up to temple square and go into the visitor's center and grab some pamphlets entitled "Why Stay Morally Clean?" and then we would head up to the Capitol building or behind it, rather, where all the "parkers" (as we called them back in the day) would go to have their sweet make out sessions. We would drive around and toss one onto the windshield and inevitably the couple would interrupt the sweet make out session and hop out to get it. We thought we were so funny and really it was. One time somebody started to chase us but they didn't chase for long. Oh, those were good ole days and who knows...maybe we saved some poor girl from getting knocked up from one of those sex crazed, over-the-top hormone raging guys!!! Ya, it's all the guys fault. I blame them. j/k I had some slutty girl friends too.

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