Friday, December 12, 2008

Give me some sugah...

I'm finally posting some pictures from the U of U/BYU game. Late? Ya...I know. That's okay. And, if you don't understand the title for this's for the sugar bowl...yo! Even I knew that. Moving on...

We watched the game with the Marchants, Morgans and more Marchants. It pretty much rocked. They were all U fans (in case you couldn't tell by the scatter of red everywhere!) There was tons of yummy food and goodies (peanut butter bars - delish!) Tamra even had Pez footballs with the U on them for the kids. How awesome is that?

We had our own half-time entertainment which was pretty sweet. A bunch of us got up and danced to...something...Corbin Bleu or something...I don't know what and then the girls' did some cheer leading pyramids. Each taking a turn on top so as to be fair. Then, as you all know, the U won 48-24! We took pictures to show our enthusiasm. Then, as we were cleaning up, Tamra and Elyssa decided to get into a food fight with some cheese dip. I grabbed Keslee's camera and Mikaela and I started snapping shots. I brought my camera to this little shin-dig but couldn't find it until the night was over. That's what happens when someone else (Hudson) brings it in and drops it by the door! So, thank you to Tamra and Keslee for camera usage and to facebook for allowing me to steal the pictures! (Not pictured: Dalton and Bella and there isn't a good one of Deann either! Sorry.)

Everyone watching the game except for Kath.

She brought a magazine. It's good she prepared for boredom!

Josh and Hudson

Parker, Kennedy, Elyssa and Mikaela


Larissa and Kath

Mike, Kyle, Doug and Heather

Half-time entertainment!

Kennedy, Elyssa and Mikaela

There were some acrobatics...

(Keslee and Austin in the background)

I dunno? Maybe tired from all the sweet pyramid building!?!


The girls playing with snickers. Tamra let her come too. Now, that's true friendship!

The U WINS!!! Yay!!!
(These were totally candid...not re-enacted at all!)

Kath, Tamra and Larissa
Rock on!

Chick fight! I think it was a tie!


Allred Family said...

Go Utes!!!

Anonymous said...

Why are you in GREEN? What team were you rooting for?

Larissa said...

My family likes the Utes and the ex's family likes the Y so, of course I was rooting for the Utes, but I didn't have any red.

I have a red Ute shirt now so I am ready to root for them again!!!

Woot woot!!!

Back off anonymous, geesh!