Thursday, December 4, 2008

Alta vs. Bingham

Me, my kids and my siblings, Alicia, Spew, Jon and the Marchants all went to the state championship playoff game. Nick went to Alta and his dad has coached over there for years so he came and sat on the Alta side. All of my siblings as well as Cham, Alicia, Spew and Jon went to Bingham so we sat on Bingham's side. The Marchants came to be supportive and have fun. They sat with us because...well...we are so much cooler than Alta! Anyway, Elyssa had some friends sitting on Alta's side so she and Mikaela sat over there. (traitors-ahem) We had a lot of fun and left the game very disappointed. Alta was ahead in the 1st quarter and then Bingham was ahead until the last few minutes of the game. There were a couple of bad calls and Bingham screwed up some, but if you watched the game, I don't think you can deny that those bad calls really screwed things up. I even heard through the grapevine (won't mention any names) that some Alta fans admitted it should have been Bingham's win. Anyway, at least they gave them a run for their money. As we were walking to our car, we saw all the Alta fans and players celebrating and as we drove down the street, we saw the busloads of Bingham players with their heads down and helmets still on. It really was sad! And, not to forget...I scored me a sah-weet hot chocolate for free!

Alicia, Derrek, Summer, Larissa and Dalton

Alta side...Boo! Traitors = Elyssa and Mikaela

Kyle, Tamra, Keslee and Austin

Loren, Ari, Cham, Derrek, and Billy

Spew ponders...

Tamra and Larissa

Jon (eagle.swoop.bacon)

Keslee and Austin

Alicia, Summer and Dalton

Mmmmm! Nachos! Josh and Hudson

Billy, Alicia, Derrek, Summer

D-Rock...Peace out!

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Valery G. said...

I get a kick out of your true blue pride!!! Way to support BHS! You are gorgeous Larissa. I love your coat.