Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Flash game!

We went to the Flash game last night which is the D-league basketball team for Utah (they're an affiliate with both the Jazz and Celtics). Mikaela's choir sang the National Anthem. Nick and Suzanne came and I brought the kids and Hudson's friend Kaden since we had extra tickets. Don came and left after the Anthem. Everyone else bailed on us. We had to be there an hour early. So, the boys are sitting together and the cheerleaders had been practicing for that extra hour. Apparently, there was some discussion between them about how Kaden is "in love" with the cheerleaders and girls in general. Dalton and I proceed to have this conversation:

Dalton: Kaden is "into girls!"
Me: Oh ya?
Dalton: Ya, he said when I'm his age I will be into girls too but Hudson isn't!
Me: That's okay. Hudson is a slow poke in that area. So was Mikaela. It's okay.
Dalton: Well, I'm a fast poke cuz I'm kinda into girls too!
Me: (To myself - WHAT?!?) Out loud I say "Oh really? Which ones?"
Dalton: The ones in my class!
Me: (To myself - UGH!)

Throughout the evening, the cheerleaders would come and get kids to participate in different time-out activities. A couple of them came over and Dalton points to Kaden and says "pick him...he's in love with the cheerleaders!" They got some of the kids to go out and do the chicken dance. All but Hudson went out there. Dalton won a free pizza certificate from 5 buck pizza! Dalton informed me of this little piece of information last night. He said "Mom, when strangers look at me...they smile because I'm cute!" He is so cute! So, of course, me being the freak I am, had to add a little reminder about the strangers (which, btw, you shouldn't use the word strangers...did you know? There's just so much to know and screw up! Ugh!) All in all, it was a good night and a good game. It was close the entire game and the Flash lost by two points in overtime!

Children's choir singing the National Anthem

One of the Flash cheerleaders getting the kids together for a contest

See Mikaela on the right?

Dalton won a five buck pizza!
Half time entertainment. These were Russians in hideous costumes. The girl did all kinds of flips from this 4 inch board that the guys would hold and she would land them all!!!

The landing.
It was pretty cool in a freak show circus kinda way!

Final Score!

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