Sunday, November 2, 2008


I didn't sleep well Friday night so on Saturday morning, I woke up entirely too early. I was not happy because it was the only day I could've slept-in in a very long time! So, I got up and decided since I was up anyway I would drive to Provo and run the VIDA 5k all by myself! Humph! (fold arms, move up and down once, purse lips, frown and pout, pout!) I had asked a few people to go with me, but no one would do it. So, I ran it myself. It was through the tree streets in Provo which I am familiar with because Don's aunt/uncle and cousins live up there. The half way point was right in front of his cousin's house. It is extreme uphills and extreme downhills and the road is sorta tilted so most of the run was lopsided. Anyway, I totally lost ground on the hill and thought I would die but then made up for it on the down hill. I ran it a minute slower than my last 5k with Tamra. Considering I walked some of it and have been a slacker on the running, I was happy enough. My quads hurt and I have shin splints so I will have to slack some more till the splints heal. Basically, I suck at running but that's for another post. Here are the pictures Val took that I stole from her facebook.

As I was running I was enjoying the breath taking mountain views of happy valley. Yes, happy valley has some beauty to it (Kyle...Tamra)! The weather was a perfectly crisp Autumn day. It was a good day and a good day to do something good! Check out VIDA to see how great they are! Since I was already in Provo, I decided to stop and visit Stacey's grave. This is her birthday month (she would have been 40!) it was beautiful and peaceful. It felt good for a moment and then it started to feel sad. As I was leaving, I got a funny text from D-rock and made plans to go to the Real playoff games with he and Alicia and felt much better and less alone! It was a good day.

P.S. Halloween pics are coming. I can't download on my caveman computer so unless Val took pictures that I can steal from her facebook, I can't post yet. Gotta go to Costco and load em to a CD first. I hate that I don't keep up with the times.


Anonymous said...

You rock~ I am so proud of you.

Keli said...

Wait, if you ran it all alone, how did you get pics with Val? Or did I just skip the story too fast. Cause that could totally happen.

Also, I just don't see you as a "wallowing in it" type of person. I just don't. I see you as an "I'll kick your A$$ if you don't stop messing with my head" type of person. But I might be way off. Cause that could totally happen, too.

Larissa said...

Thanks anonymous! Keli, I went to the race alone and Val is involved with VIDA so I saw her there. She had to volunteer so she didn't get to run the race. She snapped a picture as I came running by her and then afterwards we took a shot together. I was glad to see her cuz I didn't know anyone else. I don't like that. I like people...some people anyway!

Also, I used to be a wallower and I still find myself doing it a little too often (like when I think about how stupid I am and how someone ruined our entire future and how much we sacrificed for nothing!) but NOW I am improving myself and pretty much I just kick A$$! And I really hate when people mess with my head! I am a different person now and it's a good thing. It only took me 36 years to figure it out!?! So, I think you see me correctly but I do fall back into "stupid Larissa" mode once in a while.

Allred Family said...

I don't think that anyone who runs a 5k can call themselves a slacker - that term is reserved for real slackers like me. I don't run. You are awesome.

Hillary said...

I think I would have just pulled the covers over my head and stayed in bed pretending to sleep in. You are awsome to get up and go run a 5K.

Valery G. said...

Thanks Larissa for running this day! You are a great support! I also would're not a slacker...running 3.2 miles. Way to go! You could've kept going. I have Halloween pics on my facebook if you need 'em. I didn't take too many but I love the picture of your family!