Thursday, November 13, 2008

Parents Spot

Here's my parents tip for the day...

Have you heard of sexting, salvia, and the pass out game? One is a felony, one is legal in some states and one can happen at the happiest place on earth! If you haven't heard about this, do some research. Stay one step ahead of your teens and their possible risky behavior. If you think your straight "A" student isn't stupid and wouldn't do something like this...think again. We all do stupid things and make stupid mistakes. No one is immune. Think of the dumb stuff you may have done as a teen, it's not an impossibility. And for any parents out there that don't understand what your first step should be in dealing with this...I'll be subtle...

Take the cell phone away!
Take the computer away!
It is not an invasion of privacy to view their texts and emails!
Do not drive them to the stores!
Do not give them money!
Do not drive them to amusement parks!
In other not enable!

Let's put on our "parent's pants" and show them who's in charge!

*I do not claim to have all the answers or know everything, but I do know what doesn't work, I do a lot of research and I can learn from others' mistakes. I get tired of these kids thinking they run the world with their half-developed brains and their attitudes. Parents need to step up and be in charge!


Jill Johnson said...

We had a kid die here last year from the pass out game. It was horrible. good lesson for my kids.

Larissa said...

That is so awful! I hate hearing that kind of stuff. So sad.

Keli said...

I saw an episode of "The Doctors" the other day, and one of the researchers smoked some Salvia to show what the brain waves do. He said it was the most excruciating thing he's ever done. And it's legal in 38 states! Crazy. I can only hope and pray my kids are smarter than that.

Eric said...

I'm not sure what sexting is, but I think me and D-Rock are frequent offenders.