Friday, November 21, 2008

Flashback Friday

I'm starting something that I probably won't finish! Ah, story of my, marriage, crafts, cleaning, etc. But, I have been having flashbacks of moments in my life and thought that I would document them. Some are interesting and some are boring. So, ya'll can just skip it if it seems too lame. It's mostly for me anyway. I thought I will call it "Flashback Friday" because I am sure I saw it somewhere and that is why the name keeps popping into my head. I have a sort of photographic memory. I remember stuff, but not where it came from. So, if you do this too, I apologize for stealing the idea. I don't know where it came from, but the name works. I'm not sure I will keep it up every Friday because I'm inconsistent like that but we will give it a try! I've been having some memories of Kindegarten recently. I don't know what this means and if someone is a therapist and can tell me then by all! It's weird because I am remembering quite a bit from when I was 5 years old. I even remember full names of some of the people. Don't worry, I won't use them!

Kindegarten bus stories:

I rode the bus during Kindegarten year only. I remember missing the bus one day after school and standing there crying. I remember feeling like I didn't know what to do. Then, my neighbor who was probably a 3rd grader came walking by with her friend. She wasn't a nice neighbor, in fact she was a brat (more about that later) but she told me I could walk home with her. So, she so graciously let a 5 year old walk BEHIND her and her friend all the way home. I had to walk all that way down 126th! The thought of letting my Kindegartener do that scares me. Now, granted there are a million more cars on that road then back in the day but still. There are more stories about this 3rd grade neighbor but I'll save those for later as well.

Here's another one: I remember the bus coming to my stop (which was on the corner of my circle) and I stood up and this older girl stood up in front of me to let someone out of their seat and then she stood there till the bus started moving. When she sat down, I went up to the driver and told him that I just missed my stop. He asked if I could just get off at the next stop and I said "No." He ended up taking me on the rest of his route and driving me back to my stop. I don't think he was happy about it, but I was only 5! See, I needed to learn to speak up back then. If I had simply said "excuse me can I get past you, thanks." It all would have been fine. I was a scaredy cat dork even back then.

I remember riding home on the bus one day and I had decorated this cute Easter bunny. I had done an awesome job on it and I was so proud of it. The girl I was sitting by had an Easter bunny too, but hers sucked. She hadn't done an awesome job like I had and she knew it! So, what did she do? She wanted to TRADE! I didn't want to trade. My bunny was, as I said before, freakin' AWESOME! But, what did I do? I gave in and traded. I let her talk me into it. I didn't like it and I wasn't happy about it. After I got home, I showed my mom the sucky bunny and explained what had happened. I was so angry with myself! I remember plotting in my bedroom how I was going to go and knock on her door and demand my awesome bunny back! I never did it! I always have great plans and then I never follow through with them. Hmmm...I wonder where I get that from?

My mom told me that there was a boy on my bus that would sit by me and bug the crap out of me. I told her about him and told her that I had taken care of it myself. I just started sitting by someone else so he could no longer sit by me. See how I take care of business...I avoid the issue! I'm an avoider! Always have been. I'm working on that.

One last story to show how I avoid things. (Why am I confessing all of this?) The 3rd grade neighbor (whose name was Lisa) and I would sometimes play outside together. There really weren't that many kids to play with and I didn't really like playing with her, but she was sometimes all I had. Anyway, she wanted to babysit us kids. She wanted me to tell my parents that I wanted her to babysit us. She kept buggin and buggin. Finally, she pressured me enough to go in and tell my parents that I wanted her to babysit all of us kids. She waited on the porch. I went in the house. Closed the door. Stood by the door and waited a few minutes. Then, I opened the door and went outside and told her "they said No!" That was the end of it. She never asked again and I didn't have to ask my parents and risk them saying Yes. I took care of business the only way I know how!

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