Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Anyone need any Pampered Chef?

I know, I know. I hate this stuff too, but I like pampered chef products and I am trying to help a mom who really needs the help. If anyone needs or wants anything, let me know. She doesn't have her web site up yet, so we would have to do the order via the phone or in person. You can check out the catalog at www.pamperedchef.com or call me and I will drop one by. If you decide you want anything, don't order online or she won't get the credit. Call or email me and we will finalize everything. For those of you familiar with their products, they have 20% off their stoneware this month. Also, I absolutely LOVE their mini serving spatula. I buy them and people keep stealing them. They are only $4! So, they do have quite the price range of items. They do charge shipping so it isn't worth it to just buy the spatula but I love their garlic press and chopper and mini loaf stoneware too. I will probably close the party Tuesday of next week. Thanks!

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