Sunday, November 16, 2008

Anyone interested?

I might run this race, unless it is toooooo cold. I can't run if it's super cold. Who'mIkidding...I can't run if it's nice out. But, you can walk/run so it should be okay. It's for a good cause and I don't have my kids this Thanksgiving and I only have to make sweet potatoes and rolls. So, if anyone is interested let me know you're going and you need to pre-register by the 17th. (I think? Don't quote me...check out the site.)

P.S. Alicia - all ya gotta do is roll outta bed and show up. Can't get easier than that!


Jill Johnson said...

Hey! maybe I will. If it is way cold I will freeze, but that would be fun. I will bring my stuff just in case.

Anonymous said...

What do I need to bring for Thanksgiving? And... I may walk, but I won't run.