Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Is there a car doctor in the house?

My car is in desperate need of a doctor. Maybe even a car hosptial. I feel as if she is on her last tire. She has been very good to me. I wanted her to be with me at least another two years but now I'm not so sure. Recently she has acquired some new symptoms. Here is her list of ailments:

  • Brakes squeal when used and don't work well.
  • Constant sqealing when car is running. Very embarrassing when I drop the kiddos off.
  • The two back doors automatically flip into child lock mode so the kids can't let themselves out.
  • The driver's door is starting to stick.
  • None of the three windshield wipers work at the same time. They like to flip to the side so I have to reach out and push it back at stop lights in the rain or snow. Super fun!
  • Four out of five inside lights don't work.
  • The electronic window/lock panel on the back door is falling off...hangin by the wires.
  • Need two new tires. Have had 3 flat tires in six months!
  • The heat and AC smell like dead fish if you use it for too long. Stanky...bad!
  • New crack in the windshield. Has to be replaced by February.
  • Recall on the cruise control. This one's free to fix. Yay!
  • Four wheel drive doesn't work. No Moab for me. :-(

So, I'm thinking of printing this list out and taking her in. I had the heat checked and my mechanic told me it's not worth fixing. It will be too expensive and the car is too old. He told me to try to get away without fixing it until the car dies. But, now it stinks so bad. This is going to be a fun stanky winter.

I have loved my car. I love how big she is. I love that she can seat so many kids safely. I love that two families can sometimes ride together. I love that she can tow anything. I do not love how much gas she uses but, the other benefits outweigh the gas issue. I don't think I will ever be able to afford a big car like this and I am really sad about it. :-( Oh well. Them's the brakes. (Except mine cuz they don't work!)

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