Monday, October 27, 2008

My very first Tag...tagged by Val. Yay!

8 Favorite T.V. Shows:

1. Grey's Anatomy
2. The Office
3. Friends
4. What I Like About You
5. ER
6. Dr. Phil (and the new Doctors show)
7. Yes Dear
8. Cosby show

8 Favorite Restaurants:

1. Cheesecake Factory
2. Rumbi
3. Johnny Carinos
4. Olive Garden
5. Mimi's Cafe
6. Zupas
7. Cafe Rio
8. Pretty much any restaurant as long as I am not alone. I love to eat out!

8 Things that Happened Yesterday:

1. Piano lessons 6:45 am!!!
2. Mikaela to school - boys off track
3. Dishes and laundry while the boys have the double Kadens over to play
4. Run to buy piano music, socks for Hudson, contact lense solution, and clay for reflections project.
5. Mikaela home from school, get snack and run to piano group
6. Mikaela homework then dinner
7. Mikaela to tutoring then more homework
8. All three off to bed. No time for FHE - will have to wait till Thursday!

8 Things I look forward to:

1. Happiness
2. My own house
3. More ambition to work out
4. Christmas with family around
5. ****************** (can't say this one out loud!)
6. Hanging with friends and family
7. Becoming more healthy and whole
8. Financial and emotional security for my children

8 Things I Love about Fall:

1. Cooler weather - no more swimming in my own sweat!
2. Leaves changing colors
3. The few nice days when you can still wear shorts/flip-flops
4. Soccer and volleyball
5. Pumpkin bread, cookies, pie, carving, etc. All things pumpkin!
6. Hoodies
7. Soups and chili
8. Remembering morning sickness. I was sick during the Fall with all three pregnancies! I wouldn't say I love this one, but each year it does remind me of what it took to get them here!

8 Things on my wish list:

1. Peace
2. Dependable car
3. A house
4. My kids will be smart and avoid drugs, drinking, abuse, premarital sex, porn, rock 'n roll, etc. (you know what I mean!)
5. My kids will have a strong testimony of the gospel
6. To create memorable vacations/activities with my children
7. Financial security
8. ************** (can't say this one out loud either!)

8 People I tag:
(These are some of my new blogging friends. I hope this is their first or maybe second tag!)
1. Terry
2. Joni
3. Kelli
4. Nick
5. Summer - on the lawn?!?
6. Elyssa, Keslee and Josh (this counts, right?)
7. Noelle (or Madison)
8. D-Rock


Jill Johnson said...

Good tag! Thanks for not tagging me. I hate them. I love the **********! do you really think everyone dosen't know what it is? Ha Ha. You are too funny.

Larissa said...

I was kinda hoping people wouldn't know. I'm thinking they will use their imagination and that will be better than the real thing. It's all in fun and yet, those are my wishes!

Kelli said...

Oh sorry, I just realized I have been tagged. Give me a day or two and I will get it done. I probably don't have 8 of everything but we'll see. And what is the *********!?

Larissa said...

Kelli, I will email you what ***** is. I'm a dork!