Friday, October 24, 2008

I was preparing this post and then...

I got tagged! This post was going to be posted on December 2nd since that was my 2 year anniversary for my very first posting to my blog. I actually posted about Halloween, Thanksgiving and the Christmas card all around that time so I knew it had to be close to Halloween. So, when I went to check out the first date, I realized it wasn't until December 2nd and I was going to wait.

This was the nerdy post I was preparing...

"Sweet two years and never been tagged"
(Like sweet sixteen and never been kissed...... never mind!)
I can't believe I made it two years without a single tagging. Sorta makes me feel unloved. I'm kidding. I think people actually hate tagging, but they also realize that someone thought of you and wanted to hear what you had to say. So, they do it. Actually, I have heard of some people ignoring the tags and not doing them. They must get too many. Anyway, it's been two years since I started this blog and it has been a lot of fun and it has grown and I have gotten to know some really cool people. It has opened my eyes to the blogging world. It is truly a world of it's own. I am amazed at how many people know each other and yet have never met in real life. I have seen so many connections where someone knows someone else and then they know someone else. You know the whole six degrees thing?!? I found out that Keli's friend Kali (who is apparently very popular in the blogging world) was good friends in real life with my sister's good friend Julie in San Diego. Alicia has actually met her in person while I have only read her blog. I found a girl on Keli's blog who has in her list of blogging friends, a friend of Tonya, Keli herself and Suzanne's boyfriend's brother's blog! I have found my friend's neighbor is married to a guy from Don's hometown. I found my sister's boyfriend's step-sister on a cousin's blog. The list goes on and on. Of course, this information comes from creative clicking...okay blog stalking! (We all blog stalk, right?) Anyway, it's an extremely small world out there. But, I love the concept of blogging and being able to keep in touch with so many people and especially people around the country that you just don't get to see anymore. (I met a lot of people in school and residency that are now spread all over the country and I never see them!) It has brought me in touch with so many old friends and friends of old friends. It's a way for those old friends to keep up with my family too. It's just an amazing tool.
Tag to follow....oh ya, I'm doing it. I can't ignore my first time!!!

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