Tuesday, August 19, 2008

You were a teenager in the 80's?

This was the question I was asked today by one of my daughter's twenty something middle school teachers. Here is the dialogue...

Me: This part of the school wasn't here when I attended here.
Teacher: You came here?
Me: Yes. I was here in the early 80s.
Teacher: You were a teenager in the 80s?
Me: Yes. I graduated high school in 89.
Teacher: Wow, you hold it well! (said in shock and amazement!)
Me: Thank you my new favorite teacher of Mikaela's!!! I love you! You are my new best friend!
(Just kidding. I didn't say that. That would be creepy.) I simply said "thank you."

And, I walked away feeling pretty happy!


D-Rock said...

1989 was awesome. That was the year the first Batman with Michael Keaton camoe out! Too bad I wasn't old enough to watch it :(

A Mom of Boys said...

The 80's rule!!!!! Everyone should have lived thru them. I was watching Can't Buy Me Love the other day and I thought I can't believe we really dressed like that. Oh by the way, my blog is semi-fixed. So check it out again.

Larissa said...

Can't Buy Me Love...oooooh Patrick "McDreamy" Dempsey!!! The good ole' days.

Kristi said...

okay, I have to comment on this. Hi Larissa! I saw you on Kelli's blog. I would take that statement as a compliment - I seem to get the.....'oh, I thought you were older than that' statement.....nice.
You have cute kids! '89 rules!

Kristi Thompson (Burton)

Larissa said...

How are you? What a crazy small world. I am so glad you found me on my blog. Do you have a blog? Where are you living now? It's been so long. Almost 20 years, eek! How do you know Kelli? Okay, enough questions. Email me sometime, let's catch up!