Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm bugged...

I decided to run errands every morning this week since 1. I needed to and 2. the kids are gone and 3. I can enjoy a little AC in the car! So, I'm out today enjoying the COOL peace and tranquility and my AC goes on the blitz. Now, it's still blowing cool air. It's not like it shut off altogether, but now it smells like butt! Okay, maybe a dead animal or something. But, it's awful. So, I have to turn off the cool to avoid choking on the smell.
Now I ask why? Why is it, I am not allowed to have something work right? I know people have to deal with different things, but I am so sick of nothing working right. I shop at the same stores everyone else does and no matter what, my crap doesn't work. Blow up camping mattresses, doors, DVDs, cameras, you name it! Okay, I am exaggerating a little. But, I am so, so bugged right now. Or, maybe I am just hot. I'm easily irritated when I am hot. Either way, I have to get the AC fixed. What I am afraid of is this...the car's heating system is almost gone and it isn't worth fixing because the car is so old. So, I have to drive the car until I can't handle going without heat and then I will have to get a new car. So, what I really didn't want to happen is for the AC to go out completely before I'm ready to get rid of the car (which will be never). I like my big car that holds lots of kiddies and I will never be able to get another one. See, I have this whole internal dilemma going on. It's too much! Ahhh!

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