Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Last day of school...first day of school!

Just like everyone else, we have started school. But, unlike everyone else, I never got my last day of school post finished. I suppose that is what happens when they don't get out till July and go back in August! (Plus, I'm always waiting to get my pictures first - we're pretty ghetto here in the computer department!) So, here are the pictures from both the first day of school and the last day.

Hudson was first to start 4th grade on Monday the 18th

Dalton started 1st grade on Tuesday the 19th

Mikaela was the last to start 7th grade on Monday the 25th


Dalton got out Monday (June 30th) and the other two were out Tuesday (July 1). Mikaela had her LAST day ever being a student at her Elementary school. It was bittersweet for me. Exciting for her to move on to Middle school, but sad to see her growing up so fast!

I told Dalton on Monday that this was his last day of Kindergarten and he wouldn't be a kindergartner again, etc. So, I went to pick him up and he walks out of the doors and says to me, "Mom, it was my last day of Kindergarten and I still can't read!!! I only know like 10 words!!!" I chuckled because he had huge expectations for the last day. Apparently, it would just jump into his head instantly by the last day. I had to reassure him that he would learn a lot more in first grade. For those of you who are worried about his lack of education, don't be. I've got it under control. Hudson was the same way. They both had/have no interest in reading and were slow to pick it up. But, Hudson is on fire now!!! The kid is a total bookworm. He just keeps reading series after series. I am afraid we will run out of stuff for him to read. Any ideas for new books this summer would be appreciated. He is even writing his own novel and already talking about having it published and made into a movie. His highlight this year was going to the Provo library to meet one of his favorite authors, Brandon Mull. Hudson loves his Fablehaven series. He couldn't wait for the new book to come out back in April!

Mikaela's last walk out of the doors as a student!

See the genuine look of sadness. Give that girl an Oscar!

Dalton and Loren - no more kindergarten babies born in the gravy
(do kids still say that crap?)

Hudson received his Rise award (it's hard work) and also an award for student leadership.
(The teacher could only choose one child in each class. I was excited for him).
I am super proud of ALL of them!!!
Good job poopsies!!! Keep up the good work!!!

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