Saturday, July 26, 2008

I feel as if I didn't get to say goodbye...

Sorry about your eyes being closed Pam, but this picture shows Paula's infectious laugh!

Paula on the Hawaii cruise. It was so fun to vacation with her!

Paula Noorda passed away just after midnight today. To read about it, click here. It had only been six weeks since we all found out this terrible disease was going to take a great person, someone we love, so quickly and at such a young age. I will miss seeing her smile every Sunday. I will miss her being so kind, thoughtful and having so much concern regarding me and my children. I will miss her advice and her memories. I will miss racing to stand by her in choir so she could sing next to me and help me through the songs. I will miss her laughter and her sense of humor. I will miss being one of her blog buddies and I will miss her uplifting comments!

One thing this has taught me is that life is short! We never know how much time we have left and we need to treat each day as a gift. Share it with our loved ones and let them know how we feel. We need to take the time today. Don't put it off. So, to all my family, friends, neighbors, ward members - old and new, I love you!!!

I have already expressed some of my feelings in my June 18, 2008 post so I will stop now.

So many of us are still very, very sad!!!

To read two of the talks from her funeral click here and here and here!


Jill Johnson said...

Thank you, Larissa.
You said it very well.
We love you too!

A Mom of Boys said...

Paula was an amazing person. I love the pictues that you posted.

Kelli said...

Thanks so much Larissa. I loved seeing how your daughter loved her so much. She was such an amazing person to everybody. Love you too, hope to see you soon!