Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Suzanne and Nick's Big Fat Greek Wedding

My super cute sister Suzanne got married to her handsomely husband Nick (there...threw the bone) on February 27th!
It was a great day and we had a ton of fun!
Congrats to Suzanne and Nick
So...Nick and Macie...welcome to the family!
Are you ready for us? We're totally awesome actually...a little crazy....but awesome!
It was easier to post this video of the wedding pics that my friend made for me than it was to try and upload them all onto blogger! And, since I've been the slackiest blogger in pretty much the whole're just lucky to have this! Enjoy...because it's awesome!


LuVera said...

What a fun video. Thanks for sharing!

Jill Johnson said...

Your kids are so big! And gorgeous. Looks like it was a party!

Nick said...

SUPER CUTE SISTER and nick. WTH??? How about MY SUPER CUTE SISTER AND HER HANDSOMELY MANLY HUSBAND NICK!!!! Come on Riss! Throw me a bone here!

Nick said...
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Nick said...

Much Better! all is forgiven!

Nick said...

Now I'll lose some LBS and make it true!!!!