Sunday, February 1, 2009

Utes were sugarific, baby!!!

We watched the sugar bowl with our favorite Ute fans. This time there were a ton of Marchants. Kyle's three sisters, a brother and sister-in-law, a brother-in-law and some nieces and nephews. Oh ya, Deann, Brianna, Zoe, Austin and the Morgans were there too.
I ran to the grocery store and when I came back, Mikaela had helped the boys do this to their faces. Now that's Ute spirit!

Here's a picture of the food table. We had homemade cafe rio for dinner. Tamra strategically placed the hand sanitizer at the beginning of the table. She had high hopes. I've mentioned before that Tamra and I compliment each other well. I asked her what I could bring to this little shin dig and she, of course, wanted me to bring nothing. I got an idea late in the day to make homemade guacamole because they don't really like avocados at their house and I figured that would be something they wouldn't have. I had no idea what was on the menu and when I arrived she did have guacamole but it was store bought and Austin had complained a tiny bit about it. So, I showed up with the homemade stuff and it complimented her meal well. She went to a lot of work and it was delish!

Josh and Hudson

Jen and Josh
Just a portion of the peeps
More peeps...
The rest of the peeps

Elyssa, Mikaela, Zoe, and Kennedy

Keslee, Tamra, and Larissa

Keslee and Larissa

Kath and Bella

Mike and Kyle

Deann and Brianna
The girls were goofing off for quite a while. I don't think they watched much of the game.

I love being one of those people that ruins the shot and you don't find out till later. Awesome!

And then they migrated outside to play...

Crazy cold!

Warming back up!
So tired...

The U wins...AGAIN! Rock on!
The after-party... party!!!

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