Friday, February 20, 2009

Flashback Friday

Remember on February 8, 2009 when I posted a "pay it forward" posting. I remember thinking it was a fun idea and I wanted to be one of the first three to comment on my sister-in-law's post. I happened to be the first one and it was within minutes of her posting, so I therefore thought, it must be fate or for a super important reason or something! Then, I posted mine and got one fellow blogger lady (whom I've never met) to comment and then no one else! Remember that time? Ya, that was awesome. I really felt the love.!

I remember thinking to myself "Why doesn't anyone else want to participate?" All the other people had people racing to comment on their blogs. I felt the entire gamut of emotions...sad, unloved, rejected, angry, dissed, pathetic. Ya know, the girl that no one thinks of...the one that's easily forgotten. That's me. Takes me back to elementary school wherein I was the last one chosen for every sports event. I was the untalented, uncoordinated, ugly girl with ugly clothes. Yep, I went there. I went to that place. Deep, deep down...and...I cried. Just kidding. I didn't cry, but I wanted to.

I just wonder why? Why is it that my pay it forward didn't work?

I guess I should really look on the bright side of things, ya know, the positive side. Now...I don't have to worry about what to send anyone. Except for my one lady who commented who has yet to give me her address. I don't have to pay it forward cuz there is no one to forward to! Does that still count as paying it forward? I mean if you try and it fails, then you're done, right? You still get the pleasure of feeling good, feeling as if you served, feeling like you made a difference, feeling like you really paid it forward!

Has this happened to anyone else or is this simply reflective of my life?


Terry said...

Hey Larissa--

I was one of the non-top three finalist's in your pay it forward post. I assumed out of town-ers need not apply. I enjoy reading your blog and hope you are not discouraged by your lack of fame.

I always wonder how some blogs become huge, and then there is my lowly blog that I think you are the exclusive reader of. Well, James reads it once in a while too. I figure it is at least a good journaling effort if nothing else.

Blog on my friend!!

Hillary said...

Ok Larissa, something wierd happened to my comment so if this is a duplicate sorry,

I thought about commenting to your pay it forward post, but because I have not been feeling well since November and My brain is not working well enough to think of something to do myself I decided not to play.

Now that I am feeling better I actually went back a few days ago to see if you got your three, but again I did not comment because I decided it was too late.

I think you have done your duty and it is just bad for the rest of us slackers who didn't want to take the time and energy to have to pay it forward. Sorry. I hope you will still be my friend.

Larissa said...

Oh, Terry. Out of towners can totally apply. I don't mind supporting the USPS once in a while. They are, after all, the ones helping my dad provide a roof over my head! hehe! I will keep blogging. There are some huge blogs out there and I really don't want that because I don't want to have to make my blog private and I worry that's where it will be headed if it gets too large or too public. Blogging is just a fun way to keep in touch with all of my "out of state" friends and family and most definitely a good journaling effort. (I have gone back through my archives to get dates for things.) I am sure your mom appreciates your blog too. We just need to get others to join in the fun. Like Kirstie and Crystal and such. Wouldn't that be fun?

Larissa said...

Hey Hillary. Of course, I will still be your friend. I was just having one of those pity flashbacks where I think too much and wonder the worst and remember my sad days in elementary school.

And, you have the best excuse out there...being pregnant. I wouldn't do it either if I were pregnant and sick.

And my first person to comment sent me her address so I actually will get to send what to do? I want it to be good. Any ideas, anyone?