Saturday, February 14, 2009

Be the ball...and now it's over!

Hudson decided at the last minute (meaning a teensy bit after the sign-up deadline) that he wanted to play basketball this year. I was really surprised because I have been asking him consistently for the last couple of years if he wanted to play and he consistently said no. I only wanted him to play because #1 it doesn't interfere with soccer, #2 he's tall, and #3 all mormon boys play basketball and I didn't want him looking like a tall kid that should play and then doesn't know how to play. Ya know what I mean?

I guess he and some friends had been playing basketball at recess and he decided it was actually fun. Anyway, we got him signed up and he got super lucky to play with his friends from school, Logan and Kaden as well as his longtime friend Josh! We got even more lucky when Josh's dad decided to assistant coach! So, basketball season...we're happy. Soccer this year...not so much! But, I'm trying really hard to be more positive so I will refrain from talking about the soccer fiasco of 08-09! Here are some pictures from basketball and I realize they aren't good.

Now by the time I got these pictures ready to go with this season is over! I am so lame! Better late than never...right? That's my motto. They should put it on my headstone. I'll probably be late to heaven...or hell! Okay, focus! Back to the post.

Hudson and his three friends!!!

Hudson shooting a free throw

Josh shooting a free throw

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