Monday, May 24, 2010

Hudson's Birthday!!!

This kid turned 11 this month

(Suzanne's wedding February, 2010)

Make a wish

Blow it out!

Hudson and Kaden

Clint and Dalton

Pizza time!

Dalton and Clint and all their tickets!

Happy Birthday Hudson!

He was off track on his actual we headed to breakfast at Denny's so he could get cash in on his free grand slam! I tried to encourage something else, but this kid knew what he wanted and let's face it, it was HIS day! After Denny's we had planned on bowling, but we were too full, so we ran a couple errands and then headed to pick out some presents. He picked a few and we surprised him with a few. Then, we headed home and had planned on going bowling with Mikaela once she got out of school. But, by that time, Hudson was playing with his friend and wanted to skip bowling altogether. Then, he had a scout party and soccer practice and the evening/dinner with his dad! It was a great day! At least that's what he told me!

On the Friday after his birthday, he decided he wanted to take his friend Kaden and Dalton and Dalton's friend Clint to Nicklemania. Where we spent all the nickels we could until it was way past time to go! What a great way to end being off track!!!

Happy Birthday to one of the most AMAZING sons a mom could ask for...

I love you Hudson

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