Thursday, February 15, 2007

Who says "de-thawed"?

Okay, why do some people say de-thawed? I have even caught myself saying it. Why do we do that? I like to think of myself as a normal person with only slightly flawed English grammar but, once in a while some little thing creeps in and makes me look like a "we was-er". Ugh! Since I am a simpleton with little thoughts left in my tiny brain, I will leave it at that. Those of you that are smarter than myself or at least able to carry on a conversation, please respond with your thoughts. I expect to hear great things from Spew, Derrek, Tamra, Suzanne, Dani, Billy, Summer, Marc, Alicia and anyone else that desires to address this important issue.

1 comment:

Clive and Van's Mama said...

I have never heard "de-thawed" before, but when I asked Matt he said that he has said it before. Go figure!