Friday, December 8, 2006


We had Thanksgiving at dad's house. We had twelve adults and five kids. This is a picture of most of our guests. We also have the typical kiddie table. We had great food. Derrek made the turkey with his usual brine and the rosemary and garlic potatoes, mom made her fruit salad, I made my sweet potatoes, Suzanne made her jello salad and spinach dip. We ate a ton and enjoyed Summer's carmel popcorn and Alicia's pumpkin roll while we played games all night long. We had Summer's boyfriend Marc this year and Derrek's girlfriend Kim too. It was a nice day and truly something to be thankful for.


D-Rock said...

Who's that handsome young lad sitting up close and to the right in picture number one?

He's a dreamboat!

Summer said...

Eh, he's some transient boozer we felt sorry for. It being Thanksgiving and all, we invited him over for dinner.

Larissa said...

He is a dreamboat. I think all men named Derrek should be called "McDreamy".