Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hudson's Soccer Fall '07

Hudson's playing soccer again. He is getting more aggressive as you can see from one of the pictures of him playing offense. Apparently soccer is a contact sport. I didn't know that. Check out the girl using her arms to keep him away and he looks like he could take her down! Obviously, there isn't much refereeing going on. At this level, they don't provide refs. Coaches provide their own. So, you know how that goes.

He played goalie a lot the first half of the season and then he started turning it down. I talked to him about it and found out that he had hit his head on the soccer goal posts during a game and didn't want to go back. I had no idea. So, hopefully he is over that now and will resume some goalie time next season. He could become an awesome goalie someday. It's getting so fun to watch the more serious games.

Check out the aggressive chick!!!

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